Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Critters Behaving Badly

I've been thinking about how to breathe new life into this blog and as things would have it there was a dandy news story today to kick off the new! better than ever! down and dirty! Law Down On the Farm.

The New York Times informs us this day that a 55 year old woman was severely mauled by a 200 pound chimpanzee with miles of bad attitude. Travis the chimp, who had appeared in several commercials, was said to have contracted Lyme disease-which explains part of his grumpiness-and was being dosed by his owner with Xanax, which is just plain stupid.

What's even more stupid is that Travis was wandering around the property like one of the family, could drink from a wine glass and use a computer as well as being able to dress and bathe himself-which makes him smarter than the average high school student.

Travis attacked a friend of the owner, who picked up a butcher knife and ventilated the simian-who subsequently attacked a police car and its occupant-all of which earned Travis a lesson in ballistics from Professor Colt.


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