Thursday, November 15, 2007

Peregrinating Porkers Make Life Difficult For Animal Control Cops

From the Associated Press.

This is one of those stories that sort of smears the border line between this blog and the others in this house, respectively the Iowa Law Enforcement Reporter and the Dougloid Papers.

It seems that two stray Vietnamese pot bellied pigs stirred up a ruckus in Davenport Wednesday and led the cops, animal control and some utility workers on a merry chase on public highways that lasted 35 minutes or so.

Perhaps the porcine fugitives had heard what the usual fate of their kind is in this part of the world and decided to make haste for the bridge.

The pesky porkers were finally corralled and taken into custody when Officer Leah Messmer grabbed a blanket to catch them.

A blanket, you say?
Elementary, my dear Watson.

No necks.
Photo credit Oklahoma State University
Go, Cowboys and Cowgirls!


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