Friday, April 13, 2007

Prehistoric Chicken Bones

The Globe and Mail reports this day that scientists have recovered the femur of a tyrannosaurus rex from a rock formation at the aptly named Hell Creek, Montana.

You know t. rex, that penultimate pissed off lizard that's been a favorite of nerdy kids who love nothing more than to gawk at the reassembled remains of said lizards and fantasize about what they could do to the bigger kids who pick on them if only they could animate dem bones?

Upon careful study, enough of the remains of the soft tissue residing within the femur allowed scientists to conclude that t. rex was quite similar to the modern day chicken, only on a rather large scale and with all those nasty teeth.

The story goes a long way toward explaining the grouchy disposition of the average yard bird and also confirms what I've long thought about the advisability of consuming too much chicken.

As a parenthetical note, I've been away from the blogosphere for a while. Being self employed, you take jobs and then try and figure out how you're going to do them. I've been pretty busy lately but I expect to be doing a bit more scribbling before it's over.


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