Wednesday, February 28, 2007

An Inconvenient Truth: Hey Al, You Listening?

Andrew Thomas has a hilarious article over on The Inquirer that is thought provoking and sobering.

I know, I know this is supposed to be an agricultural law blog, but this is interesting.

It seems that through the offices of the pesky Freedom of Information Act it was discovered by the Tennessee Center For Policy Research (whoever that is) that our favorite hair shirt wearing eco tree hugging former vice president Al Gore spent $30,000 on gas and electricity at his Nashville Tennessee crib-about 30 times the national average.

Talk about an infrared hot spot, you don't need the FLIR-this one's glowing like a barbecue grill full of Kingsford's best.

Since Al's documentary by the same name as this article aired, Al's electricity consumption has actually increased from 16,200 kwh to 18,400 kwh-per month. Last time I looked, the average around central Iowa for a single family residence was about 750 kwh per month and it cost me about $65 or so. Even with that, I still run around shutting off the lights and anxiously check the bill every month.

Andrew has this pungent observation" "How much bloody electricity can one man use, for God's sake? He may have invented the internet, but now it looks as if he's running the whole thing from his house."

Amen, brother.


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