Tuesday, April 25, 2006

That was what agriculture is all about-isn't it?

For most folks we know, agriculture is ultimately about eating-what and how much seem to be the salient measuring sticks for folks who believe in eating as something more than a boring and frustrating refueling exercise.

To the sad looking, scrawny women I see in the market pushing a cart containing a lonely stalk of broccoli, a pint of skim milk and some unidentifiable Healthy Choice entree (it isn't and there isn't one), pass this by, it'll only make you more miserable. As Louis Armstrong, the trumpet wizard, once said to a person who asked him to describe jazz, "Lady, if you have to ask, you'll never understand it."

Where was I? Oh yes......

Dr. Marvin Harris, the cultural anthropologist, has written a book called Good to Eat, which is an interesting disquisition on why it is that people eat the things they do, and it is presently on order for yr. ob'd servant so as to review the subject with an agricultural law degree under my belt, as it were.

I wonder what Dr. Harris would make of the supersizedmeals website. I am sure he would have trenchant and witty commentary. For our friends in the cattle industry, take heart-this is proof that the Dark Forces of the Diet Nazis are taking a few hits below the waterline.



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