Friday, January 15, 2010

Bad Moon Rising In Poweshiek County

The Register informs us that late last week that a couple of miscreants broke into the Montezuma sale barn, turned 17 yearling calves loose, and proceeded to stab them-that's right, stab.

Three of the yearlings were so wounded they had to be put down.

Chief Deputy Larry McNaul of the PCSD indicated he had no idea at all why someone could do this. I think perhaps he was just stunned by the brutality of this crime. I mean, it's beyond stupidity. We tend to think of farm animals as property, but this is inexplicable.

Robert Foults and Jamey Christofferson were arrested and charged with seventeen counts of animal abuse. That's going to make a good story in jail: "Hey-what are you in for?" "Ahhhh, cow stabbing!"