Monday, June 19, 2006

The Natural World II: You're Gonna Burn.

It is reported today that a fast moving wildfire has laid waste to several thousand acres of the most beautiful land on G-d's planet, and that is in Oak Creek Canyon in northern Arizona.

Although I personally do not make much of the notion that Sedona is a hot spot of psychic energy forces like Berkeley or Fayetteville, Arkansas, it is still a remarkably pretty spot and a fine place to get out of the car, walk up a hill, sit under a pine tree and maybe drink some coffee out of the thermos and marvel on it all. The sunlight in the West is stronger, the air is clearer, the horizons go on forever and one cannot help but come away refreshed after spending a pleasant day in northern Arizona.

Of course, fire is also part of the renewal that nature mandates for the health of spaceship earth. It's reasonable to believe that this disfigurement will pass and that the Canyon will be more beautiful than ever in a few years, if that's possible.


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