Monday, May 15, 2006

Google News Malaprops

Sometimes the system by which Google News ranks news stories produces unexpectedly funny results.

I mean, don't get me wrong.

Google is the single biggest thing that's come along since the wheel. In addition the folks at Google provide this forum free of charge and remarkably free of niggling and small minded oversight. This they do out of a sense of doing good works, as I understand their corporate ethos. It also grows the internet, which is one of those rising tides that float all sorts of things including their revenues.

Most recently they ran a story this moring about the conjoined twins that are the biggest thing to hit Fargo, North Dakota since the blizzard of 1936. Here's how it looked.

Conjoined twins doing well after separation surgeryFood Consumer - 19 hours agoBy Sue Mueller. The twins, born to a Fargo North Dakota couple, are doing well Saturday morning after an uneventful night, Mayo Clinic said. After surgery, they remain in intensive care under sedation, as planned ... Surgeons separate conjoined twins Monsters and Critics.comParents pray for recovery and of twins The Mercury (subscription)Contra Costa Times - - - Pioneer Press - all 712 related ยป


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