Monday, April 10, 2006

Echoes From the Past: 110 Per Cent Not Guilty?

I know, I know, this is supposed to be an ag law blog but this is interesting stuff.

It is reported today that as Jeff Skilling began his much awaited testimony to set the record straight in the Enron trials, he declared "I am absolutely innocent" and "I am innocent of those charges and will fight those charges until the day I die." or words to that effect.

It's awfully similar to the plea of one Orenthal James Simpson, he of the Bruno Magli shoes and the basket of lame excuses. At least the Juice had the sense to stay off the stand. Skilling either has a self preservation instinct deficit or he's going down and is trying to sink a three pointer from the field at the buzzer.

Fine words coming from Mr. Skilling. I expect some serious memory lapses when the G gets him on cross. This will be most interesting. Stay tuned.


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