Saturday, March 25, 2006

More Animal Abuse as if You Needed It.

It was reported yesterday on the local news that two horses were killed and another gravely injured in the pasture of one of our representatives, Rick Olson.

Wild Won was bashed in the head by someone and had one of her legs broken. She was in the last stages of pregnancy, and her foal was delivered and it it died. Wild Won had to be put down. Camry, another of Rick's horses, was gravely injured at the hands of unknown persons.

Why is this important? Simply because Rick is one of my brother attorneys, he's worked like a galley slave in the criminal courts of this state, providing representation of the first water to a lot of people who probably didn't deserve it. Also, he's a kind and caring person who is a pleasure to be around. It's sad that this had to happen to a good man and the animals he so loves.

It is also important because there is a dark and bloody theme that emerges every so often in farm country, and it's the critters who bear the brunt of it.


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